My experience with the Professional Bull Riders..

The sport of bull riding is one I was not too familiar with as a kid. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was exposed to the likes of baseball, football and basketball. Bull riding was never a topic of conversation, until about two months ago when I was approached with the opportunity to possibly be a sideline reporter for them. I have since spent the last couple months of my life researching as much as I could, watching the latest telecasts on Versus and going to sleep dreaming about cowboy hats and boots. It became my life 24/7…and it seemed the more I learned about it, the more captivated with it I became. The mere thought of a 150 plus or minus pound man getting on a bull that weighs 1500lbs just seems like pure insanity…but to these cowboys, it was there profession. I saw it up close and personal when I went to my very first PBR event in Ontario and it was there I became convinced that the toughest athletes on the planet were bull riders.

My most surreal tough guy moment was in 2008 when Danny Way broke his ankle on his first try for the Big Air competition, and then moments later attempted and LANDED on his second try. He came in 2nd to Bob Burnquist. That moment was surpassed when the audacious J.B. Mauney slammed his chin on the edge of a chute when he rode Black Pearl, got bucked off and seconds later asked the judges for a re-ride. I cant remember but I’m pretty sure he suffered a concussion from that.

I have been fortunate enough to step in the arena with these men and sideline report as the gritty, intense drama unfolds for PBR’s last of the final five showdown airing on CBS. I have gained a lot of respect for these men as each ride they put their lives on the line. I’ve also learned to think twice when it comes to complaining about a paper cut.